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Valor Mod & Customs

Wii/VWii Modding Service

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Personally Curated Memory Packages

Message and mail in before purchase. All other questions can be answered by the FAQ or by direct message to our store, thanks!

Wii HomeBrew FAQ

Q: "What all games work on sd only with USB Loader GX?"
A: "Gamecube titles are basically 100% compatibility and retro games all work great on sd. Wii games sadly, do not run unless stored on usb drive."

Q: "What hardware is included in the base service?"
A: "The base service includes a 32 gb sd card."

Q: "Does this come with a system"
A: "No, the console is not included with this specific service. We do have pre made consoles as a section and take custom requests of virtually any kind and will usually be excited to have a good challenge"

Q: "Do you clean each Wii?"
A: "Yes we do! We also offer cleaning as a standalone service for most consoles/PCs and more"

Q: "What does 'HomeBrewing' do?"
A: "It unlocks the full potential of a Wii. You can play retro games and even Seventh Generation titles. DVD support, Game disc backups, arcade game capability and more"

Q: "Can you summarize what all I get for the money?"
A: "Console cleaning, HomeBrew channel install, BootMii as boot 2 (When applicable) otherwise, Priiloader install, Hombrew utility apps install, custom themes, personally curated libraries to each client's request & console polishing (When applicable)"

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