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Valor Mod & Customs

Original Xbox softmodding

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Softmod at maintainance.

Message before buying if you have questions.

Xbox Soft-Modding FAQ

Q: "What is this service?"
A: "This is a mail-in soft-modding service for original Xbox."

Q: "Does this come with a system"
A: "No, the console is not included with this specific service. We do have pre made consoles as a section and take custom requests of virtually any kind and will be up front if we're not the firm for you"

Q: "Do you clean out the console?"
A: "Yes we do! We also offer cleaning as a standalone service"

Q: "What does 'soft-modding' do?"
A1: "Short answer modifying the retail software. Hence "Soft-Mod"
A2: "Long answer. Here goes. This allows you to control your entire Xbox. Install themes, backup games from discs to avoid disc wear. This also includes homebrew software, homebrew games, dvd use unlocked without a dongle, official titles and FTP uploading ability. Using a computer FTP client such as 'FileZilla"

Q: "Can you summarize what all I get for the money?"
A: "Full tear down, diagnosis/clean. All extra repairs will be noted for your system and is available upon request. Partial Recap and repair included at no extra cost. Once the hardware is ready for years more of play. Then we "softmod" the console using our favorite "Rocky5 Softmodding tool" In combination with other misc. software. and up to 3 official titles pending size and hdd capacity"

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