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Original Xbox Aladdin XT Mod Chip Install

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Mail-in service for installation of the Aladdin XT “hard mod” chip for original Xbox giving the ability to change to a custom bios, run development and unsigned code, HDD upgrade simplified and more benefits!


Q: Does this come with a console?
A: No. You would need to mail in an original Xbox

Q: Do you include the mod chip in the base price?
A: Yes. The base package comes with the chip, wires and installation.

Q: Do you do other maintenance if it’s needed?
A: We clean it and note the process and send it to you. If it’s something that can be addressed and needs to be addressed. I never mind going the extra mile!

Q: Can you do a custom order including an HDD upgrade or case mod or other special requests?
A: Absolutely, it’s my favorite thing to do. I want to customize every system to the customer’s satisfaction. I also am proud of the products we send out so, the more mods, the merrier!

Q: Will you answer my questions before/after purchase?
A: 100% yes. I try to answer at all reasonable hours to help troubleshoot your problems and am even willing to re-service my work at no additional cost (provided it is due to an error and not new damage.)

If you have any other questions please message me and ask anything you’d like to know. Thanks!

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