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Custom game consoles, homebrew software and game modding firm. Mail in services as well as pre-made consoles and products. We offer mod chips as well as mod chipping services for limited consoles. Specializing in;

- Case, Window, LED & Reshell mods (for any system)

- Wii (Full service)

- Gameboy-Gameboy Advance

- ALL DS Products

- Gamecube

- Original Xbox soft or hard modding

- PC Upgrades & Customization

- Disc Drive Emulation

- Custom Circuit Board Work

- Game Console Repairs

- Custom Crafted Gaming Accessories


(What is FPGA gaming? An FPGA is an integrated circuit that contains an array of programmable logic blocks that the end-user (that's you) can configure as they see fit. These logic blocks can be rearranged on the fly to simulate video game consoles (and other circuit-based devices) at a hardware level *To simplify, FPGA is a custom gaming handheld that is modded to the user's favorite games/systems)

 Ask any questions you have or request any custom orders and we can figure out a package! 

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